Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What to expect on Caribbean Cruises

Cruises present a fantastic balance of relaxation and excitement that truly cannot be experienced anywhere else. With Caribbean cruises, you are able to experience the best of tropical cultures all while reposing in view of the sea. However, the cruise holidays process can be a bit daunting to those who have never been. The following tips will help novice cruisers to get the most out of their trip, no matter where they choose to travel.

Selecting Your Cruise Line

There is a surprisingly large discrepancy between the lowest and highest prices of different Caribbean cruises. Many people instinctively believe that the most expensive trip rate will yield the best cruising experience. However, this is not always true. Some cheap Caribbean cruises can be just as enjoyable as more expensive, high-end ones. It is all a matter of your personal preferences.

Inexpensive Cruise holidays with Cunard or Royal Caribbean are probably the most popular amongst the general public. Their cheap prices do not mean that it is impossible to spend a relaxing holiday on one of these cruises. You will simply be limiting some of your exploration options by choosing one of these lines. The least expensive cruises are usually the largest ones, housing thousands of people per trip. These ships can only pull into the largest sea ports. This means that you cannot do much exploring in terms of your vacation destination – you will likely be limited to only the most major cities and most populated tourist attractions. However, some novice travelers actually find this to be a desirable feature.

If you wish to see less populated parts of the Caribbean, you will likely have to book a trip on a smaller, more expensive line. Some people enjoy the increased intimacy of such cruises; others would prefer the anonymity of larger-scale trips. It is usually advised that first-time vacationers book their trip on a larger line in order to become familiar with the cruising process.

Where to Visit?

There are innumerable different Caribbean islands that you can choose to visit on your trip. Usually, Caribbean cruises are separated into one of rwo categories: eastern or western excursions. You should select your trip based on the region of the Caribbean that you would like to visit; most cruises will make stops at several different islands in the given area.

Eastern Caribbean

St. Thomas: Part of the United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas island is ideal for exploration and experiencing tropical island culture. Visitors can hike, bike ride, or simply wander through the island’s miles of trails. You can also sample traditional Caribbean food or listen to a local band on this island.

St. Maarten: St. Maarten is considered to be one of the safest islands to visit. Featuring fantastic beaches and casinos, St. Maarten is the destination of choice for many travelers.

Western Carribean

Jamaica: Probably the most famous Carribean destination, most cruise-takers make a point of experiencing Jamaican culture at some point in their lives. Reggae music, Jamaican food, and tropical scenery abound on this island.

Grand Cayman: Travelers who want to take part in extensive swimming and scuba diving should visit the Cayman Islands. Miles and miles of serene beaches lie in wait for adventurous vacationers.